Review: “Dumb and Dumber Too”

Watching “Dumb and Dumber To” is like realizing they’ve just re-released you favorite cereal without the marshmallows or sugar and replaced the skateboarding dog with a cat wearing hipster glasses—and its gluten free. You hastily run down the aisle, pick it up and cry, “This is the opposite of what I wanted!”

Yes, it is a terrible movie. Not as bad a movie as “The November Man” or “Divergent” or as unfunny as “Tammy”, but a terrible one still. If I laughed more than once, I can’t remember when but I do recall rubbing my temples every ten minutes.

Now I know I shouldn’t be criticizing a movie with such a title, a sequel to a movie where one guy dumps laxatives into his friend’s tea, who then proceeds to poo out his entire body. But at least the first one had an innocent charm, wherein at their meanest they played little pranks on those around them.

I liked those guys, Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey), but now their back and age has made them dumber, crass and often just terrible people.

Take a scene at a science convention where out of nowhere the two start making fun of a speaker by calling him a nerd and then telling the woman who replaces him to “Show us your tits! Both of em’!” I’m all for any kind of comedy, but where is the joke in that?

That about makes up most of the movie. On a way to find his long lost daughter so he can get a kidney, Harry and Lloyd take yet another road trip where they behave like morons the whole way. In the original it was their odds take on things and manner of solving problems that was funny.

Here, the Farrelly Brothers have abandoned their counter-culture brand of humor and fill it with constant sex jokes and moments that are too stupid to be labeled as stupid humor. It’s the nail on the coffin they’ve been laying on post-“There’s Something About Mary”. The tombstone will read “We Forgot How to Be Funny”.

It would’ve been at least admirable if they explored the relationship between the two; especially given how Lloyd tricked Harry into thinking he was insane for 20 years and lived in an institution. But it was a simple way to explain what they’ve been up to for that long having no other clue how to explain it. Then they embark on a journey that is the exact same movie and before.

See if this sounds familiar: They go on a trip with an object to deliver in tow (of which they cannot open). Then they encounter thugs along the way, who think the two will interfere in their plans. They even play a prank on the gentleman who decides to accompany them, whom shortly dies afterward. Then the FBI are randomly involved and Harry takes a bullet. I’m sure they used the same script, taking out all the good jokes and replacing them with crap.

The blame is on the directors, not the actors. Carrey and Daniels seem to be having a lot of fun and their energy was the only thing to keep everything afloat.

The Brothers on the other hand (and the other writers they brought along) appeared to have only seen the original and figured “Oh, people like stupid things.” They created the movie like 15-year-olds who were asked to write a sequel. The result is a almost 2-hour carbon copy sequel fueled by crass jokes, zero wit or heart and a blatant disrespect to the audience who loves the characters, not dick jokes.

Grade: D+


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