Mini Review: Ice Age 4

Where Pixar has made a name as the animation brand that mixes depth and humor for all ages with many classic titles, Fox has milked one series for the forgetful Nickelodeon audience for 10 years. “Ice Age: Continental Drift” was the fourth in its series and continued to run the treadmill of standard, goofy humor and historical inaccuracy.

Ray Romano (Manny the Mammoth), Denis Leary (Diego the Saber tooth) and John Leguizamo (Sid the Sloth) reprised their roles that, other than Sid the Sloth, really had nothing to offer other than familiarity. The cast in this outing grew to an unimaginable size with names like Jennifer Lopez and Wanda Sykes.

The story floated like an iceberg and provided nothing more than reasons to show off the 3-D parents paid quadruple in order to silence their screaming children. However, some laughs were provided for people over 10 thanks to the reccurring Scrat the cocked-up squirrel and Sykes as the elderly sloth, Granny. It was for kids and made as such, so, in that way, it worked.

But with Pixar showing children’s movies can be smart, deep and can market for parents and adults “Ice Age” just felt like a cash grab. Much like the glacier the characters travel on, the series just floated along in a barren ocean.

Grade: D+

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