Mini Review: Men in Black 3

Ten years after one of the biggest downgrades of one of the most creative sci-fi movies ever, “Men In Black 3” proved that no matter how long it had been, it was always nice to see old friends. Unlike most threequels, everyone involved seemed still to have a lot of fun in their old roles.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones still shone as Agents J and K with director Barry Sonnenfeld behind the camera. Josh Brolin gave a much-need freshness as the young Agent K who helped Smith’s J, who traveled back in time, to find out who killed the elder K in the future.

Everything of the movie from the makeup to the stars’ banter was still top-notch, but it still all felt rather basic. It didn’t stand out like the original. Where the movie stood on its own was how J’s actions were not fueled by duty, revenge or obligation but by love for his partner K. This led to a surprisingly heart-warming ending and mixed with Brolin’s spot on performance made this long-waited threequel well-made summer entertainment.

Grade: B

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