Mini Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

The idea of one of the greatest stories being retold in a more grounded, gritty way sent a wave of excitement down the spines of anyone who likes the story or the original animated film. The product of that idea couldn’t look more astounding. Production designer Dominic Watkins deserved praise for his work in turning Snow White’s world into a gloomy, moody and oppressed kingdom and a stunning and fantasy-fueled woodland.

Never has a movie looked so beautiful but been so hollow. The plot was bland and thinly written; the characters had no passion or care for anything they were doing or whom they were with.

Snow White (Kirsten Stewart, who was perfectly cast) was solemn and emotionless, and The Huntsman (Chris Hemmsworth, who was much wasted) was brutish and dull. Charlize Theron gave some saving grace as the wicked queen, but even that was slim pickens.

The biggest problem, however, was the movie was just no fun. The action was slim, and even the seven dwarves failed to give any humor to the situation. It was all gloom and doom that was beautiful on the surface, but lifeless on the inside.

Grade: D+

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