Mini Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Besides Batman, is there really a more beloved on-screen superhero than Spider-Man? The first two movies were beloved in the genre, whereas the third was considered a near catastrophe. This was why no one was opposed to a reboot that promised to give a story not tapped by the original trilogy.

The details of it were all spot on. Andrew Garfield gave a more rebellious and tortured Peter Parker with Emma Stone giving a quirky and level-headed Gwen Stacy.

But where the movie had its biggest flaw was also where it had the most promise: the story. Other than a bit more detail and a realistic tone, the story structure was almost identical to the original 2002 version. Parker aka Spider-Man was bit by a spider, got powers and became a vigilante after inadvertently causing his uncle’s death.

Even the villain (Rhys Ifan as The Lizard) was a scientist who exposed himself to experimentation out of fear of losing everything.

The goal of telling the story of Parker’s past with his parents was the main selling point but was tapped on only in the first act and then dissipated quickly. It felt like a scam, but the movie was still fun and had enough new details to make it still feel valued. Garfield and Stone shone; the visuals were a treat, and the overall liveliness of everything made it worth recommending.

It was like expecting an Ipad 3 for Christmas but getting an IPad 1. It was not what you were promised, but it was still good enough to hold you on until they could get it right next year.

Grade: B-

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