Mini Review: The Dark Knight Rises

After decades of falling in and out of the “Realm of Cheese,” Batman has found his proper home in the hands of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. What started gloriously with 2005’s “Batman Begins” and revolutionized the genre three years later in “The Dark Knight” has come to a marvelous and epic conclusion in “The Dark Knight Rises.” The movie adopted an epic, final movie tone that was not as complex as its predecessor, but as it should.

“Rises” pitted all the ideas and complexities of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego brought up in the earlier films against the monstrous villain, Bane. Much like Whedon with “The Avengers,” Nolan handled his large cast including Anne Hathaway (Catwoman/Selina Kyle) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake) by giving them stories that all contributed to one giant, fundamental idea that fuels the story and the essence of Wayne himself.

All the actors were top-notch, especially Hardy as the muffled and sadistic Bane and Hathaway as the funny, seductive and haunted Selina Kyle. With a massive $250 million budget, the city of Gotham and all Batman’s vehicles and toys were given polish while still existing on a realistic plane. It didn’t have the complexities of “The Dark Knight,” but “Rises” was given a simpler and more resolving story that had emotional and cinematic weight and ended the trilogy with an amazing final 10 minutes to which everyone shouted “I knew it!”

When life is plagued by heartache and regret, evil and revenge invade our world. It is in those moments when one must learn to find solace, uncover his courage and rise from the pit to conquer the hatred, ultimately finding peace.

Grade: A+

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