The Grey

I don’t snowboard. I don’t ski. Frankly, I don’t do anything on big, scary mountains where wolves, bears and Bigfoots call home. “The Grey” is the reason.

Liam Neeson again comes to save the beginning of the year’s movie season with his trademark Irish brogue and presence. This time, he’s up against nature itself. Nature doesn’t stand a chance.
On the contrary, the Alaskan wilderness has never seemed as intimidating as in “The Grey.” It involves a plane filled with Alaskan oil workers crashing in the middle of nowhere. Then the few survivors are faced with the same options of anyone in that situation: stay and die or move and hope to survive.

The one area in which film sets itself apart from others in the genre is its subtext. It’s surprisingly deep and is always considered as the movie goes on.

What’s worth fighting for

The director made it his goal to make a movie filled with men who have something to fight for. And fight they will. They are pitted against harsh weather, deep snow, lack of food, no idea where they’re going and, most of all, wolves. For the entirety of their journey they are hunted by these beasts that have no fear of men trespassing on their land.

It’s an intimidating feat, and as you learn more about the characters, the more you want them to survive. At first, they may seem like thugs, nut jobs or just dicks. But as time goes on, you begin to see them as people with memories and dreams. They are all put to the test against nature.

This movie has a rich under layer fueled by everything mentioned. The men are pitted against nature and begin to realize what they are fighting for. It poses the question “How far would you go for the people you love and to see them one last time?”

I’ve made it a point that the ending can make the movie. This movie has a whopper of an ending. From the dialogue to the score to the situations, the questioned is answered. Everything in life, from the loves of your life to even your life itself, is worth fighting the greatest force on Earth to get back to, even if you know you’ll lose.

Grade: A-

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