Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I’ve often said to myself while watching certain comedies that I’ll never be able to think of all the hilarious things these people just come up with, all before saying, “Nah, I’m sure it just takes a little thought and some liquor”. But then I watch movies like “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” and the mostly improvised jokes and it makes me realize I’ll never be remotely as funny, and I should really return all the props I bought on Amazon.

This new adventure has impulsive, womanizing, and hard-drinking and the model for early 70’s porno actors Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and his news team moving to 24 hour news (aptly named GNN) at the height of the 80’s. Though I am having trouble recalling any of the particular quotes naturally as I can like a madman with the first Anchorman there is no denying that the sequel is equally as funny, if also a tad overlong.

Now I have trouble reviewing comedies because if I recite particular scenes the moments become ruined for the uninitiated and if I don’t there’s almost nothing to talk about. So for the sake of writing a coherent review I’m just gonna say this: It’s really, really funny.

Most if not all of the credit goes to Ferrell and Co., Steve Carell, David Koechner and Paul Rudd, who are just as quick on the draw and immersed in their roles as they were 10 years ago. More time is put on Carell’s Brick Tamland who believe it or not has become more hilariously inept, and even falls in love with his female equivalent, Chani (Kristen Wiig). The team knows what they’re doing and how to deliver it, and sometimes even supersede themselves like with a giant park battle that’s a cameo galore of faces you’d never think to see in a movie like this.

But given the movies over 2 hour runtime, some of these gags and plot-points seem unnecessary. Like one scene involving Burgundy at a dinner with his black girlfriend’s family raises the issue on race during the period. It’s funny, but it’s a point the filmmakers wanna make but never get back to, and really just distracts from the main theme of the ludicrousy of modern news. It’s a comedy that has an intelligent subtext that tries to be even smarter, and those of you who read that sentence correctly know what ind of problems that creates.

I don’t really know what else to say. If you liked the first “Anchorman”, give theaters your money right now, if not then stay home and watch the “A Christmas Story” marathon on TBS. It has all the laughs of the original, but with less of the residual goodies and a more stretched storyline, but hey as long as you laugh, who cares?

Grade: A-

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